Self_ assessment

I am a special education and English major, and I needed a class to take for the semester, so I was introduced to NetNarr. I took the class and the first two days of class was hard. I was disturbed because I felt like this class wasn’t for me and I don’t speak the language they were speaking. I didn’t come into the class with any expectation, all I wanted to do is pass another class and get a good grade. I have learn a lot by taking this class which I really wouldn’t have leant on my own. There’s a lot of things that I really didn’t enjoying do and also didn’t understand. One take way I took from this class is be careful what you put on the internet or how you use it. Honestly I don’t think I will ever use any tools that was thought, because I can’t remember any digital skill.  I always needed help and had people helping be. I am not big on computer, all I need to know how to do is type my home work and go on line. I enjoyed my classmates and the professor, because we worked together and helped each other out when someone needed it. Thats what made our class special. I am not into this Digital tools but I would miss the communication we had. If anyone loves computer and is into this digital thing, trust me, you would love Netnarr.

Thanks for a wonderful time. #netnarr


I had my conference with Dr Zamora and profess Alan about my Fieldguide project and we spoke about the topics that I was interesting in. I picked selfie but Pro. Alan said what about people that take selfies in dangerous places. so I said that sounds great and I will look into it. I did and it was amazing what I found out. It spoke about how 250 people died taken selfies on clefs and other dangerous places. Still research more about Death by selfies.

Death by Selfies

For my Fliedguide, I picked selfies but just like I said in my other blog. It was a Borad topic so i spoke to Dr Zamora and professor Alan Levine and bespoke about different topics. Alan suggested that I should research about people that take selfies in dangerous places, so I said I will look into it. I did some research and I found death by selfies, which I was really surprised to hear the amount of dead by selfies was 250 and over in 2018. I am still working and doing more research on it.



I came up with my field guide topic which was selfies, but I am not sure if that’s what I want to do. I wanted to talk about selfies and photographer, how selfies would take over photography and people would enjoy taken pictures themself without going to the studios to take pictures. Then I thought about selfies in general and why people take selfies. Also why girls take selfies more than boys and is there a reason why? So am working and thinking about my project and if I would change it or run with it.


Weekly reflection

I am still working on my digital Alchemists. I keep going back and forth about what I want my Alchemist to look like. I still need to work on my Alchemist, because am not used to creating something like this. This is so not me, but I am working hard to do my best. My field guide topic is a bite broad and I need to narrow it down a little bite, and am not sure if that’s what I want to work on.

Are Memes Copyright

Memes are so popular now that when someone creates a Meme it spreads like wildfire, but they are funny and they lighting up your day. The question is are Memes copyright and if so who owns them? The answer is no because Memes that are found on the internet have a creator but they are often unknown. The generators of Memes on the internet allows everyone to create their own Memes. So it’s impossible to issue a copyright.