Blog #12

I observed a classroom with ABA structure. ABA is Applied behavior analysis. Applied behavior analysis is a scientific discipline concerned with developing techniques based on the principles of learning and applying these to change behavior of social significance. In the classroom I observed, there were two paraprofessionals in the classroom, and one teacher, they were all working on discrete trial with the kids. Discrete Trial is a method of teaching in simplified and structured step. Its also instructional and a lot of reinforcement, this trial is chosen for the strength of the children and clear contingencies and a lot of repetition to teach them new skills. Each teacher had a group, but one teacher had a kid in the bathroom, while the other child was working independently. The ratio was two, two and two. One teacher will ask a kid in her group to stand up then site, for four times, and when the kids is successful in doing that, then they go into they binder to pick out a treat put it on the front of the binder to make a sentence. The other teacher also did the same with her group, but she used two different objects on the table and told the kid to touch apple, then she did it 4 times but each time she will take the object and place it in a different location and swish them around. The other teacher was doing puzzles with her group, she takes three big puzzles and tell them to put it together. When they were done, she took out a picture and told them to match. For example, she took out three pictures, one was an apple and the other two were different fruit. She then gives the kid a picture of an apple, but it looks different than the one in front him. she will then ask the child to match apple. When these kids are successful in doing their work, they go into the binder pick out the last word to complete they sentence in front of their binder. This process is called the pec’s. So, after every trial they get reward with snacks. The classroom is blocked up and the teachers are in an individual blocked cubicle. The toys and the play centers are all blocked off, so the kids in the classroom can only play with what’s being giving to them. The pec’s system is a form of picture exchange communication. The communication system is modified and applied to kids with behavior, its also designed for early nonverbal children. The whole purpose is for the kids to learn words because the children in the classroom have no words at all, so when they point they are expected to say the words but most of them can’t. The binder also has their daily schedules in there so that they have a daily routing. This trial is done every day for 45 minutes. I interviewed a teacher called Rachael who teaches special education and has her bachelors in teachers of the handicap and a master’s degree in early childhood, which makes her certified to teach in new jersey in a handicap class birth through 21. The interviewed took place in her classroom after work on October 20, 2017 at 2:20pm. I asked her 35 questions and it took 45 minutes. there wasn’t any interruption, the interview went smoothly. She’s the head teacher that I work with, and the children in the classroom range from 3 to 5-year-old.
I observed my interviewer’s classroom and there were eight children in the classroom. Her classroom is a mixture of children with different disability and they are all there for communication skills. She as autistic kids, ADAD, feeding program language, cognitive impaired and down syndrome. The classroom is opened, and all her toys and materials are out for the children to asses it. The children have free play and she also use the creative curriculum. The children have a daily schedule they flow, they have different rotations every week. For example, IEP group, Buddy reading, math memory, fie motor, Graphics practices, remember and replicate, attribute man and science eyes. She also adds her own twist to it, so the kids also have work schedules to do after quite time which is at the end of the day.


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