Teachers have different styles and make different discourse choices that cause conflict. Working in the schools have made me notice that there are so many kind of discourse community in the schools. I interviewed Rachael because she’s new to the school and I notice in just a short time there was conflict between her and another teacher so, I decide to write about the different teaching styles. Rachael takes the curriculum and tweak it to the way her kids will understand, and most teachers feel that it’s wrong and she needs to stick with what’s in the book. This cause a lot of conflict between teachers and I feel that most teachers want the best for their student but it’s the way they do it
  that causes a discourse community among themselves. 
when I did my observation with pam, I saw how she run her classroom and how different it is from all the other ABA classrooms in the build. She explained to me that all the teachers in this build have their own way of teaching and same teachings are stuck in their own ways of teaching. Sometimes you can ask if they need help, but they will say no because they feel like their way is the right way. “If you come to me and say that you have an idea that can help me with a kid I will take it, but you shouldn’t think that you know it all.” This is how Pam feels and she thinks that’s what cause conflict. There’s a conflict between Rachel and Pam, because Rachel feels that she can do a way better job than Pam and Pam feel that she has been a teacher long than Rachel so that’s where the conflict arise. These two teachers are not the best of friends but in doing this, they are not helping the children but hurting them. These two teachers could have come together and collaborate to help better the children in their classrooms.




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