How dose U.S. data collection affect me

I have been thinking about what kind of field guide project I would like to contribute too. it’s taken me a while to understand what to post and what not to post, or what’s expected from me. I feel like I’m over thinking what needs to be done. So this is what I found, I don’t know if it counts. Click here for article.
I live in the United States. What kinds of records is the government collecting on me?
U.S. officials have acknowledged collecting domestic telephone records containing the time and date of calls and telephone numbers involved. A secret court order published by The Guardian newspaper also indicates the government is getting rough location information and details that would identify the specific handsets used to make mobile calls.
That court order names Verizon Business Network Services, but analysts say similar orders are likely in effect for all U.S. carriers, meaning the government has logs of most, if not all, telephone calls.
The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with NSA activities, reported Friday that the agency has also collected credit card records. But the newspaper couldn’t say if that collection effort is continuing or was a one-time effort.

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