Brian Studio Visit

The studio visit with Brain was funny because as soon as we started our conversation on data and internet,  google took him out. The data cut the speak out right when we were talking about goggle data, that was so cool. He spoke about how the internet is changing from back then and now. I can’t believe that Americans are coming up with a toilette that will know when you are coming into the bathroom, and heat the seat to your liking, also diagnose your stole. This is too much for people to take. I think we are living in the matrix. We started talking about GIF, I had no idea what GIF were until Alan spoke about it in our studio visit with Brian. I dint know that GIF are different than Meme. This is an eye opening to me. I asked VEE what makes them different, and she said that GIF moves and Meme do not move they are just pictures. I am learning a lot in this class about the internet and the darkness of the internet. I was able to make my own Gifts thanks to Alan for showing us how to make one. We had a great time in class, tying to figure out how to connect everyone to goggle hangout. Anyway I still don’t know what to do when it comes to making my own digital alchemist mentor?


creating my own is so cool but I have to work on trying to associate it with words and meaning.


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