I came up with my field guide topic which was selfies, but I am not sure if that’s what I want to do. I wanted to talk about selfies and photographer, how selfies would take over photography and people would enjoy taken pictures themself without going to the studios to take pictures. Then I thought about selfies in general and why people take selfies. Also why girls take selfies more than boys and is there a reason why? So am working and thinking about my project and if I would change it or run with it.


One thought on “Fieldguide”

  1. Hi Janet, this is really too broad and has not addressed the focus that was suggested under “Field Guide Sections” in this week’s class announcement- please read I also am not reading any thoughts on the ideas discussed in the conversation Dr Zamora and I had with you.

    The topic (a) has to define and present your case for it being a concern, problem, danger in the way the internet is in 2019. A curiosity about selfies is not sufficient. It also has to be something that you will be able to provide some specific steps, actions people can take to address it.

    You must come to class next week with something more specific than this. Please contact us before hand or write up something with attention to the field guide sections listed.


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