Self_ assessment

I am a special education and English major, and I needed a class to take for the semester, so I was introduced to NetNarr. I took the class and the first two days of class was hard. I was disturbed because I felt like this class wasn’t for me and I don’t speak the language they were speaking. I didn’t come into the class with any expectation, all I wanted to do is pass another class and get a good grade. I have learn a lot by taking this class which I really wouldn’t have leant on my own. There’s a lot of things that I really didn’t enjoying do and also didn’t understand. One take way I took from this class is be careful what you put on the internet or how you use it. Honestly I don’t think I will ever use any tools that was thought, because I can’t remember any digital skill.  I always needed help and had people helping be. I am not big on computer, all I need to know how to do is type my home work and go on line. I enjoyed my classmates and the professor, because we worked together and helped each other out when someone needed it. Thats what made our class special. I am not into this Digital tools but I would miss the communication we had. If anyone loves computer and is into this digital thing, trust me, you would love Netnarr.

Thanks for a wonderful time. #netnarr

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